Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sewing again

Last weekend was so full of holidays I didn't get to sew at all. It was my daughter's birthday and also her anniversary as well as Mother's day. I don't think I sat still for 4 days.
So today I was determined to sew no matter what. Like most women I don't have large blocks of uninterrupted time.
I felt even more guilty when my pen pal answered my last letter and wanted to know if the dress was done yet. Done? I've barely started.
So today I did the stay-stitching to keep the neck from stretching. Then I sewed the bodice sides to the bodice front. The next step is to sew the ties.

I couldn't find the ties I'd cut out to save my life. I searched through each pattern piece, searched the scraps. Put each cut out piece in a bag one by one. Looked under and over the chair where I had everything stacked.

I gave up and decided to hop in the shower. As I bent down to pick up my clothes, my eyes spied something purple. That sucker had slid off the chair, accordianed itself up into a 2"x2" square and into a box of stuff next to the chair. Well, at least I found it now.

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